NCAA Basketball Bracket Contest – MYRJ style.

The Record-Journal is proud to introduce once again it’s annual Hoops Frenzy Contest.  The image above has the deets on how to join the contest and what is up for grabs in terms of prizes.  You can get the rest of the deets on our web page.

Sign up… it’s a good time.

Another neat thing the RJ team is introducing into our printed advertisements is the QR bar code. This code allows you to scan the printed symbol with your smart phone or electronic reader and it will launch you to the actual web page… saves you from having to type in the URL.

The QR codes have been around since 1994 but have become more mainstream in the last 5 years since the explosion of smart phone and devices have fallen into the hands of millions.

Give it a shot for yourself… hold your phone up to the screen and see if it launches… or you can try it from our newspaper today (page 9 in Sports).


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