Been Busy.


It has been many white bright moons since I last posted. I’ve been busy. Print and web, day and night have kept me plugin away. Oh, I think I had a baby girl in the meantime too. Samantha and Mom are doing great(8 months later!).

Recently I updated my website. I wanted to clean it up a bit and add in some personal pics. Thought a site named after myself should have more of me on it. I am truly not trying to be a narcissist… Just liked messing with some interesting pics. Still waiting to get a great one with the wife and I.

Had the privilege of working on a few web projects in that time too. Martial Arts, Tankers and Trucks, Painting, Pawn Shops, Golf Tournament and Blog, Steamed and Old Fashioned Cheeseburg sites, just to name a few.

I’ll post some online soon.

Glad to be hitting the keys again.


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