Good Friday

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Today was a good day.  Busy as all heck.  Still you must find time to keep it light.  Took a spin in a $90,000 car (went very fast) and spent a minute to help Richard (foreground) put away some paper.

Actually I didn’t put any paper away… I just set him up so I can ‘Tebow’ beside him.  I probably get him a few times a month… wanted to capture this for all eternity.

Been Busy.

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It has been many white bright moons since I last posted. I’ve been busy. Print and web, day and night have kept me plugin away. Oh, I think I had a baby girl in the meantime too. Samantha and Mom are doing great(8 months later!).

Recently I updated my website. I wanted to clean it up a bit and add in some personal pics. Thought a site named after myself should have more of me on it. I am truly not trying to be a narcissist… Just liked messing with some interesting pics. Still waiting to get a great one with the wife and I.

Had the privilege of working on a few web projects in that time too. Martial Arts, Tankers and Trucks, Painting, Pawn Shops, Golf Tournament and Blog, Steamed and Old Fashioned Cheeseburg sites, just to name a few.

I’ll post some online soon.

Glad to be hitting the keys again.


NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four Logos


The Final Four are set to play this weekend for the National Title…. with the way the games have been flowing any one of the four has a legit change to win.  So, lets toss talent aside for a second… lets peek at the team logos and see which onw puts more scare into their opponent.

Here are links to each teams logos:

Butler Bulldogs

VCU Rams

UCONN Huskies

Kentucky Wildcats

Looks like UCONN is going to lose based on the art… and I’ll take the Rams to lose in the finals… making your 2011 National Champ The Kentucky Wildcats!  Congrats to Lori on picking them in her pool… we thought you were crazy… but now it looks like your a genius!

Today on the job…

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Today on the job…

Worked on a fundraiser banquet booklet, a couple spec web ads, a save the date ad, troubleshot some communication issues and several logo designs.

Not everything we do in the R-J Creative Department at the newspaper is strickly what you see in print on your doorstep each morning.